Grand Challenge

In the Grand Challenge programme, we will work on large-scale AI projects which impact Singapore as a whole in the Healthcare, Urban Solution and Fintech verticals. The Grand Challenge program will fund projects up to 5 years. It is expected that significant number of researchers will form consortia to work on these challenges.


  1. Deputy Director, AI Engineering
  2. AI Scientist
  3. Senior AI Engineer
  4. Scientific Officer

100 Experiments

In the 100 Experiments programme, we are helping industry and agencies to develop AI products and services with proofs-of-concepts and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in an accelerated timeline of 6-12 months. The purpose is to show that AI works for their use-case, so that they can seek additional investments to bring the product or solution to market and/or deployment.

AI Platform, Ops, Cloud and Architecture Office
  1. Engineer 
Product Development Office
  1. Senior Fullstack Engineer
  2. Fullstack Engineer
  3. Senior AI Engineer/Scientist
  4. AI Engineer


Functional Roles